M A S T E R I N G   S E R V I C E

“Loudness is just a short pleasure …perfect sound will last forever!”


Creating music is a very personal thing, therefor mixing and mastering service must be a personal thing too. The relation to an engineer you trust is the most important thing to know that your works will profit from his ears and experience. This is what its all about: a good relation to a person who is able to pimp your tracks a way you like. A relation that takes your own productional skills to a higher level. Not even with the mastering process itselfs, but with advisory service and feedback to your works you will allways go a step further. If your track is a bad mix, no one will make it sound great in one process, but the internet is full of on demand mastering services who promise to whip your tracks up for 40$ or so…you will get some EQ & Maximizing but no one will hear your track after that process because it´s based on a bad mix. There are two kinds of tracks which does not need mastering, a bad mix and a perfect mix. But in daily buissness we all live in between that. On one hand I have custumers who bring nearly perfect mixes and it needs just a few adjustments to bring them a smile on the face, on the other hand are homestudio mixes which naturaly have some issues because of the production circumstances, but in both cases its essential to have another guy who gives a final listen and the freedom for minor changes to your tracks befor they enter all the stores and dancefloors. We allways spend more time to produce a track than to master it, and its a psycological thing that our detection is masking details and basics with the increasing time of listening to one track. As I sayed before, mastering is a personal thing for me and as a returning customer you can profit from all of my experience and help to push your sound forward and forward. If you are looking for a massive and expensive equiptmentlist you´re better go to Bob Katz but if you are looking for a service at eye level you are damn right here and I say “thanks for calling”. My mastering chain and knowledge is specialized and grown over years to help Techno and House music from homestudios to sound better.


“full satisfaction or money back guarantee”

You give me your confidence to work on your songs, I give you the guarantee to be happy with the results! That means if you are not lucky with the result you do not need to pay or get your money back. I do not like to charge for extracosts if somethings need to be changed after a done version, this is independent if I need to change anything or you e.g. minorchanges in the mix to process it again. For me this is the only way in division of work to get the best possible result, and this is what its all about, to get the best out of it in teamwork. I do not charge for different song lengths, you can send me a one hour mixtape as single file mastering (one song) …please note that I will not accept albums or arrangements of more than one single song rendered in one file! I will not charge different for one pass mastering or adjustments whithin one song…a man has to do what a man has to do. I will not extra charge for M/S mastering I go without saying and will do so if needed. Feedback and suggestions are the basis to get the best possible result of work, let´s talk about it!


Single file mastering is based on your delivered stereo mixdown, the possibilities in the mastering process depends on the quality of your mix. I will allways listen and give feedback to your mix. If your mix is not good enough to get a high quality master result, I will help you to apply changes or find other ways to lift it upon a level that will work. I will do not start or charge jobs that will not end up in a result that I´am happy with what is the basis to make you lucky!


Stem mastering is a process which offers more posibillities than a single file mastering and less than a mixdown.  It helps when individual signal editing/correcting must be added at a level that would influence other parts of the music in a bad way. For stem mastering I need subgroup bounces of your mix. All stems should start at the same time position and can end when there is no more modulation. The level of each stem should be adjusted as followed and strictly NOT normalised: All stems at unity fader level 0 dB will represent your original mixdown in the master bus with -6 to -3 dB maximum peak! The goal is that I have your original mixdown with some headroom in the master bus and can access  subgroups/stems individually. I DON´T want normalised subgroups/stems because it ends up in a mixing job! Again the goal ist to have your unmastered mixdown with more possibilities for changes in instruments groups without affecting other instruments groups. E.g. The Kick has 6dB to much low end but the bass is a bit thin in the same frequency range. In a single file mastering situation I need you to change the mixdown and send another file, with stem mastering I have accesss to both Kick and Bass seperately and can change it myself. The following stems will give me a good starting point to get the best out of your mix without doing the whole mixdown process. 8-12 stems should be enough …if we need more it´s definitly a mixing job.


Standard Stems

001 – Kick (solo)
002 – Clap & Snare
003 – HiHat
004 – Drums (ATR) => all the rest…
005 – Bass
006 – Lead => all main synths and lead sounds
007 – Atmo => all athmospheric sounds like strings and backings
008 – FX => all mix effects like reverb, delay and so on

please make sure that you do not double bounce fx signals, e.g. reverb signal on clap and the same reverb in the “008 – FX” stem.

The normal starting point is that all stems are dry and the “008 – FX” stem contains the wet fx signal. BUT you can decide to let fx signal in the single stem instead while you keep in mind “if I should do the job, I would prefer it like this” …this is allways a good choice 🙂


Additional Stems

009 – NN
010 – NN
011 – NN
012 – NN

You can use 4 additional stems for things you would prefer to have it in a single track for this process. e.g.: two kind of very different lead synths, or main high-hats and background high-hat groove, or solo sounds ….whatever you think it make sence for me to have it single. These four stems can be individual for each song, all others 001-008 should be setup in the same way for all songs. …what if we don´t need Stems 009-0012? …cool it´s a typical stem mastering job. Please name your files like the bold examples WITH prepended numbers to make it easier to import all by one click.


You are the artist! Just concentrate on your creative work, I will do all the technical rest! You will send me all your single tracks and I will do the mixdown and mastering as a complete service. You will get the best result in your final master because I have all possibilities while you can work on your next project. Befor I will start working or charging anything I will deeply listen and feedback your pre/roughmix and give my proposals for changes that will boost your tracks.


Due to technical restrictions at the vinyl manufacturing process it is necesarry to apply different processing in the mastering process to get a loud and punchy result on vinyl. I do not extra charge for vinyl mastering, but you have to choose vinyl or digital ready mastering. You can order an additional version to have both at a lower rate.


I can handle wav, aiff and caf files up to 192kHz. Please provide 24 bit files if available but do not convert if you work at other values. Please specify your output format for the final master, e.g.: 44,1kHz/16bit wav file. Please do not add any eq, compression or maximizing in the master bus of your delivered file. You can send me your own mastering version or other songs that you want to be the “reference”. I can setup a secure ftp account on my server for file handling or simply use: www.wetransfer.com

please name your files e.g.:

Artist Name – Song Name (Mix Name) – [unmastered mix JJJJ-MM-DD]


I charge payment in advance for new customers. If you don´t like paypal please contact me for an invoice. As a returning customer you can send me your tracks and pay by invoice when the job is finished and you are happy. Please refer to my “full satisfaction or money back guarantee” statement! …which is also related to new customers, but I want it prepaid for the first job.

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