You will find here allmost every mixtape I´ve recorded since 1994. You can download them as high quality MP3-320kbps or CD quality 44,1kHz/16bit for free (online streaming quality is also 320kbps!). Back in the days I´ve sold them as hardcopy on tape or CD …exclusive, limited and from hand to hand. I decided to digitalize them all and share my vision of Techno and House to the world. This is my archive, my inner soul, my love and passion for of over 20 years of hunting and collecting the secret pearls in Techno and House Music. I can´t say how much years I´ve spend with crawling the vinyls in recordstores all over the world. Unfortunately they pass away faster and faster, but I can smell the taste of fresh and old vinyl everytime I listen to my mixtapes. Electronic music has never been that good as today, I love hunting, collecting and mixing it up to my vision of sound. When I record a mixtape then I just press record and start mixing. About twenty minutes later I´m deep in flow …it´s somehow like a hypnotic trip into sound. “When the music is loud it takes over your body and it just takes you to a whole other place” You can press play and skip a mixtape, but you will never feel what I felt while mixing. Take your time.

I will start sharing HD mixtapes in 96kHz/24Bit from January 2015
…just send me a beer and I will give you the download link

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